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Publications picked up at the Meigs County Museum deduct $4.00 each.  We regret having to increase the price of publications, but the postage just keeps going up.



Available October 2015:  Reprint in soft cover and spiral bound:  Meigs County History, Volume I, published in 1979, with complete index of topical and family histories.  $50.00 plus $3.63 Ohio Sales Tax picked up at museum; additional $8.00 postage and handling if mailed.    See pre-order form on Sale Items page.

Also available now, a separate book of the index for the 1979 Meigs County History, Volume I.  Can be purchased at the Meigs County Museum for $10.73 (includes tax) or add an additional $4.00 for mailing.

New Item:  Births, Deaths, Marriages and (1890-1899 Divorces) from the Meigs County newspapers of 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903 and 1904   Each year is compiled separately and is priced at $24.00 ppd, per book.   Indexed.  These are actual newspaper articles that we have copied.

1890 - Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces                               $24.00 ppd

1891 - Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces                              $24.00 ppd

1892 - Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces                              $24.00 ppd

1893 - Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces                              $24.00 ppd

1894 - Births, Deaths, Marriges & Divorces                                $24.00 ppd

1895 - Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces                              $24.00 ppd

1896 - Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces                               $24.00 ppd

1897 - Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces                              $24.00 ppd

1898 - Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces                              $24.00 ppd

1899 - Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces                              $24.00 ppd

1900 - Births, Deaths, Marriages                                                 $24.00 ppd

1901 - Births, Deaths, Marriages                                                $24.00 ppd

1902 - Births, Deaths, Marriages                                                $24.00 ppd

1903 - Births, Deaths, Marriages                                                 $24.00 ppd

1904 - Births, Deaths, Marriages                                                $24.00 ppd


A brochure and book "The Underground Railroad in Meigs County" was published in 2007 by the Meigs County Historical Society.  Funding for these publications were provided through a matching grant from the Governor's Office of Appalachia. Research and text by Margaret Parker.  Copies of the book are available for purchase, picked up from the Meigs County Museum for $15.00 + $1.12 sales tax or they may be ordered from Meigs County Historical Society P.O. Box 145 Pomeroy, OH 45769 for $19.00 (includes postage, in Ohio add $1.12 sales tax). 

History of Meigs Co., Vol. II - 1987 $54.00 ppd  Fully Indexed. Includes submitted stories of Meigs County families, past and at the time of publication.  Also contains some church, schools, organizations, businesses, reminiscenses, updated from other volumes or not published before.

History of Meigs Co., Vol III - 2001 $66.50 ppd  Fully Indexed.  Includes submitted stories of Meigs County families, past and at the time of publication.  Also contains some church, schools, organizations, businesses, reminiscenses, updated from other volumes or not published before.

Pioneer History of Meigs County - 1908 history by Larkin (soft cover) $25.00 ppd

Poll Records of Meigs County $19.00 ppd

Sines History (Copied from newspaper) $19.00 ppd

Index only for dairy of Paul Henkel, early Lutheran minister, who brought the Lutheran church (with his Roush friends from the Shenandoah Valley) to the area.   The diary pertains to Meigs/Mason area-1806-1814 and contains names of several families of the early settlers from the Shenandoah Valley, with reference to what Rev. Henkel's contact with them was.  Sometimes a marriage, a birth, a death, or just visiting. $9.00 ppd (Photo-copy of the section of the diary that index applies to can be read at the Meigs County Museum.  Pages that contain names of interest can be requested and individually copied at current copy per page cost, plus postage for mailing)

Life in the 1920's & 1930's As I Knew It  - by Tom Hart  $19.00 ppd                      Tom Hart was born and lived in the Darwin area of Bedford township.  Recollections of his early years is a delight to read and recalls another era of Meigs County history.  Very well written and recommended to anyone who enjoys reading about antics and life of the time period.  Mr. Hart passed away in March 2014.

The Underground Railroad in Meigs County $19.00 ppd (See details above)

Annual Meetings of the Meigs County Pioneer Society - 119 years $14.00 ppd  Published in 1987, contains news reports of annual meetings from 1876 to 1987.  The early reports contain many names of early residents, and may include ages and other information.

Wilkesville-Salem $11.00 ppd  An early history.

History of Bedford Township (1894) (reprint) $10.00 ppd

Sutton Township (A Brief history compiled by Victor Brown) $9.00 ppd

Index to Death Records Vol. I & II - 1867-1908 (No dates given) $16.00 ppd 

Mason County, WV Cemetery Tombstone Records     Set of 5 $82.00 ppd                   Or may be purchased individually as follows:

Volume I (Graham, Waggener, Robinson & Lewis Districts) $19.00 ppd

Volume II (Arbuckle, Clendenin, Hannan Districts) $19.00 ppd

Volume III (Union, Cologne, Cooper Districts) $19.00 ppd

Volume IV (Kirkland, Suncrest, Lone Oak) $19.00 ppd

Volume V (Cemeteries & stones copied later) $19.00 ppd

1891 Business Review of Meigs County (reprint) $24.00 ppd

Miles Cemetery (Rutland Township) $24.00 ppd - From tombstones

Bedford Township Records    $12.00 ppd      Includes: Road Tax - 1897; Teacher's Term Report to the Township Clerk -1887-888; Complete School Register 1905-1907.

A Study of the History of Meigs County $14.00 ppd     From county development to 1860.  Written as a study for students.

Sermonettes (Rev. William Middleswarth-weekly newspaper column) $16.00 ppd  An interesting collection for inspiration and solace.

Log Cabin Reminiscences - Vol. I $24.00 ppd - Reminiscences of early settlers, as appeared in "The Leader" newspaper from 1898 to 1901.  Names and stories found here are often found nowhere else.

Log Cabin Reminiscences- Vol. II $24.00 ppd - Reminiscences of early settlers continued to about 1915.  This volume also has some stories and obituaries of noted individuals from 1901 - 1915. 

Those Who Gave All - Meigs County Soldiers Killed in World War II $14.00 ppd

Meigs County Soldiers in World War II $24.00 ppd  Copied from the newpaper, photographs and short details of soldiers as submitted by families.

World War II Reminiscences by Christine Fruth $10.00 ppd  Christine was an army nurse during World War II and recounts events as she recalled them.

Wilderness-Pioneer Days-Slavery by Christine Fruth $11.00 ppd

Campfire-Vol. I (Stories by Civil War & Spanish American War Soldiers)$24.00 ppd

Campfire-Vol. II(Stories by Civil War & Spanish American War Soldiers)$24.00 ppd

Obituaries (Copied from newspapers - 1872, 1873, 1876 & 1877) $17.00 ppd

Teacher Reminiscences $19.00 ppd  -  Early Teachers were invited to write their teaching experiences for "The Leader" and published between 1907 and 1915.  Also included in this book are several school cards (pupils and teacher named) and some miscellaneous school records.

Morgan’s Raid - by Gayle Price $9.00 ppd   Gayle wrote this story based mainly on stories he heard from persons who were living at the time of the Battle of Buffington Island.  He was born and lived his entire life in the Portland community. 

Portland Pictorial History $45.00 ppd   Hardback - published in 1998.  Compiled of pictures of early settlers in  Portland and surrounding area, as well as schools, businesses, etc. 

Nelson Story, Pioneer in a New Land - by Margaret Parker $11.00 ppd

PT Squardron #16, World War II Memories by Tom Hart $19.00 ppd

Meigs County Marriages, Volume 14 - Sep. 1913 - Oct. 1918 $16.00 ppd

Meigs County Marriages, Volume 15 - Oct. 1918 - July1924 $16.00 ppd

Meigs County Birth, Death, Marriages - 1857 & 1858 $16.00 ppd   These are from a probate file and are the only recorded Meigs County births and deaths for the period.

The Upper Ohio Valley - 1891 - Athens & Meigs Biographies $16.00 ppd

The Self-Made Physician - Dr. Thomas Barton - 1890 $24.00 ppd     An autobiography of Dr. Thomas H. Barton.   Dr. Barton shares family information and recalls his years as a practicing county doctor.  Several chapters are devoted to the 1860's and covers his experiences during the Civil War. An interesting and informative history of his life and time.

Sheppard’s Pomeroy & Middleport Directory for 1874 and 1875 $19.00 ppd

The Railway Reflector (Pomeroy and Middleport, Ohio) May 1897 $14.00 ppd

Tuppers Plains and Surrounding Area (Agnes Hill) - paper-back copy $29.00 ppd

Hardesty's History - (1883 reprint) - Mid 1800 tax map $29.00 ppd

We have a few copies available of the Silver Bridge Disaster, published by Arcadia Press, and written by some of our Point Pleasant, West Virginia friends.  $25.99 ppd